Club Constitution
  • Club Constitution


    1. NAME
    The name of this club shall be the Pontiac Car Club of Australia Inc. Hereafter referred to as The PCCA.

    2. The aims of THE PCCA

    a. to promote the ownership of Pontiac motor vehicles.

    b. to promote the restoration and preservation of historic vehicles

    c. to promote friendship between owners and enthusiasts.


    a. Any interested person can join THE PCCA, and there will be 2 types of membership

    i. Social Member – one who does not own a Pontiac.

    ii. Normal Member – one who owns at least one Pontiac.

    b. Members may be suspended or expelled by a decision of a properly constituted meeting of The PCCA for actions contrary
    to The PCCA’s interest. If this occurs the member must be notified in writing, and will have the right to appeal to committee
    at the next meeting after his/her notification.

    c. Members shall automatically become members of the affiliated chapter in their state of residence.


    a. State and Territory chapters will be incorporated and have their own controlling committee.

    b. They will be called the Pontiac Car Club of Australia (state chapter) Inc.

    c. The PCCA shall collect fees on behalf of the affiliated chapters.

    i. The PCCA will publish the bi-monthly magazine ‘Torque’ with input from each chapter.

    ii. The PCCA will arrange public liability insurance to cover designated club activities of all state chapters.

    iii. The PCCA will return a portion of renewal fees and joining premium to each chapter.


    a. Membership fees to be paid annually by the 30 th of June.

    b. A premium will be charged for new members.

    c. Membership fees, premiums and the portion of fees and premiums returned to the state chapter will be set by the
    committee from time to time.

    d. The portion of fees and premiums returned to the state chapter

    e. Membership fee covers immediate family and allows for the spouse/partner of the member to vote at general meetings.

    f. Membership is renewable on July 1st each year. If the renewal is not paid by July 31st of each year, the member will be considered lapsed, and may be required to pay a joining fee as prescribed by the Pontiac Car Club of Australia Inc.
    Distribution of Torque will cease after August 1st.


    a. The PCCA committee meetings held as often as committee members decide.

    i. A minimum of four must be held each year. A quorum for committee meetings will be 3 committee members.

    ii. Committee meetings will be held using internet conferencing facilities where possible.

    iii. The committee will meet in person at least once per year at a mutually convenient place.


    a. A special general meeting can be called by the committee or 20% of the members. A quorum for such a meeting is 15 members, three of whom must be committee members.

    i. 4 weeks written notice must be given to all members, stating the time, place and reason for the meeting.

    ii. If the chairperson and/or the secretary are absent, those present will choose members to perform these duties.

    iii. Minutes will be kept, and ratified at the next general meeting.

    iv. If a quorum is not present within 30 minutes of the advertised time, the meeting will be cancelled.


    a. The affairs of The PCCA shall be managed and controlled by a duly elected Executive Committee (See Below).The committee will operate within these rules for the betterment of the club.

    b. Election of Office Bearers will be for 24 months and cover the period from July 1 st in the year of election.

    c. The General meeting for the purpose of electing the Office Bearers of the committee will take place at the bi-annual national club meeting (The Nats). The time and location of which will be notified about 4 months prior in the November/December issue of “Torque”, the Pontiac Car Club of Australia magazine, which is distributed to all financial members.

    d. Nominations for the Office Bearers will be called for in the November/December issue of “Torque”, and nominations will be published in the January/February issue. Nominations can be made by any financial member. They must be endorsed by the nominee.

    e. Voting may be in person, by proxy or postal vote as decided by the committee and published in ‘Torque’ with the nominations.

    f. Office bearers and committee members must be financial members of The PCCA. They are expected to attend ‘The Nats’ at which they are nominated, unless they have an acceptable reason for non attendance.

    g. The Executive Committee

    Minimum Executive Committee shall be, President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and editor of Torque.

    The President, Vice President and Secretary/Chairman will be elected as above.

    The secretary will become the “Public Officer” unless the committee decides otherwise.

    The position of editor of ‘Torque’ will be nominated by the committee.

    Each state chapter shall nominate a State Representative committee member, from their state membership, at their AGM. This person shall be come a general committee member for 12 months.

    The committee may co-opt members onto the committee for specific tasks – eg Publicity Officer.

    i. A casual vacancy on the committee can be filled by a resolution of a properly constituted meeting.

    j. The committee will have control of funds and assets of The PCCA, on behalf of the members.

    i. All expenditure must be approved by the committee and be supported by a valid invoice or voucher with the details. The treasurer will maintain the financial records which must be available for inspection as required.

    ii. The financial records will be audited by a certified accountant annually.

    iii. Certified financial records will be tabled at each bi-annual meeting.

    k. A committee position becomes vacant if

    i. the holder resigns,

    ii. of if action is taken against the holder under section 3 (b) above

    iii. or if 3 consecutive meetings are missed.


    Changes to the Constitution are to be in writing and distributed to all financial members prior to being voted upon by financial members at the next special or general club meeting.

    10. WINDING UP

    a. The PCCA may be wound up in the manner provided for in the appropriate act.

    b. If after winding up there are surplus assets, they will be distributed either to the affiliated state chapters or a charity. This decision will be made at the special general meeting that decides to wind up The PCCA .

    END OF RULES April 200 7


    These rules were passed at the General Meeting at Cootamundra April 2007 and will come into effect on July 1st 200 7 .