Pontiac Nationals 2017 - Warwick QLD

The Queensland Chapter is proud to announce the 2017 Australian Pontiac Nationals has been confirmed for Warwick, Queensland, the host town for the very successful 2011 event.

It’s mid-January as we write this, with entries streaming in for the 2017 Australian Pontiac Nationals. We're on track for a huge event, bigger than the 2011 version held in the same town in southern Queensland. Entries have been received from all the east-coast states, plus one from South Australia. Interestingly, the South Australian entry is from a nonmember. Surely if a non-member is prepared to drive a 1967 full-size Pontiac from South Australia to Warwick we'll also see a few members from the SA chapter? Let’s hope so...

Nationals officials were in Warwick in early January visiting Morgan Park Raceway on the outskirts of town. This visit sorted through the various options with the driving events, and has come up with a good package including a car display, parade laps and a driving challenge for a smaller group of entrants. This is effectively a half-day activity to reduce the cost. Even so, it is still costing us $5,500 for the Sunday morning, probably the most expensive driving events ever held at a Nationals.

This is the first Nationals to be held under CAMS guidelines. We are proposing a 'Level 1' form of driving challenge, which will keep license fees to around $25 per driver. Only 20 licenses will be purchased, mainly due to time constraints, with each driver getting multiple runs through two courses. Demand for these will be high - please register with us now if you are interested in purchasing one - none may be left by the event. If you are already a holder of a CAMS Level 2 license (or are prepared to purchase one of these annual licenses independently), then we will be able to include you on top of the 20. Please also contact us if you are in this category. As we noted last time, you will need the usual competition clothing requirements - covered footwear, long clothing and a helmet. We are anticipating a competitor fee of $50 per driver, incorporating your L1 license and a contribution to the hire fee. This will be payable at registration.

The other major Sunday driving activity is the country cruise and pub lunch option. We have selected a number of country pubs in the vicinity of Warwick, including Killarney, Sandy Creek, Allora, Clifton and the famous Rudd's Pub at Nobby. These cruises will depart from Morgan Park Raceway from around 11am as a self-guided option. Details will be in your Entrant's Guide received at registration, and it's recommended you make bookings using the contact numbers supplied. Sunday lunch can also be obtained back in Warwick. The remainder of Sunday afternoon is designated free time prior to the night function, which commences with a 'Pontiac Film Festival' at 5pm.

Meanwhile, preparations for Saturday's feature car show at Victoria Park are progressing well, while the observation run will commence on your departure from the park.

Your first port of call in Warwick on Good Friday will be registration, held at the Australian Rodeo Heritage Centre on Alice Street, as it was in 2011. We'll handle a range of initial entry requirements here, before you check into accommodation. The welcome function is also using the 2011 venue of Leslie Park on Palmerin Street, with entrants advised to purchase takeaway from local providers on the nearby Albion Street Highway and bring it to the park. We will also have a coffee van and some food available at the park.

Thanks again are due to the large range of sponsors, including Shannons, US GM Service Parts, Bowden's Own, A.J.'s Classic Cars, Focal Point Water Features, Intaprod International, Penrite, Connect Precision, Selection Steel, Buildex, DPMA, Executive Distributors, Action Metal Recyclers, JCL Toolmaking, Battery World and Waldpark Car Sales. Members Grahame Crosbie, Paul Power, Philip Darby, Rob Robertson and Dave Wass have also contributed financially to date. This has gone a long way towards making this event a success even before Easter.

Entries close on 28 February for the event, but late-entry forms will in place from this date to enable you to attend. Day-entry forms are also now available.

See you in Warwick this Easter!